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2017 Online Marketing Guide Introduction

2017 Online Marketing Guide Introduction

“How do I go about getting more traffic and sales?” you may ask. I’m hoping this online marketing guide will give you some good ideas in answering that question.

It’s easy to get lost amongst all the online tools and channels. I’ll do my best to provide an answer to “what’s right for me?”

I’ll give you a tour of some of the methods I use to help my clients expand their reach, increase their visits and conversion.

The Guide in 12 issues

This 2017 guide will be broken up into 12 issues, one each month. Each month’s issue will cover different important topics of marketing and how to get found online. Here is the guide schedule for 2017:

  1. January
    Setting up Online Goals for the Year
    Plus a recap of 2016 online marketing highlights.
  2. February
    Online Marketing Basics, Application and Definitions
  3. March
    Traffic Optimization Guide
    Quality of traffic vs “blah” traffic, traffic goals (awareness vs sales), on-site conversion, and surveys.
  4. April
    What’s the Real Cost of Running Online Marketing Today?
    Doing it yourself vs hiring, how much does it cost to hire, where are my efforts most profitable, and more.
  5. May
    How to avoid the “Thin-Spreaded” phenomenon and deeper exploration of key online channels.
  6. June
    Feeding the Brand
    Primarily a content related issue, loyalty retention, word-of-mouth, and how to position yourself as an authority amongst the “giants.”
  7. July
    Paid Versus Organic: What is best for my business?
  8. August
    Reading Online Marketing Metrics
    What does metrics mean, how to calculate conversion rate and how to use a few other basic metrics.
  9. September
    Local vs National/International
    The differences between both and how to plan your strategy.
  10. October
    What Online Marketing Means for Your Business
  11. November
    What we have learned over a decade of change
  12. December
    What to Expect in 2018

Each issue will have takeaways or homework. And if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

One of my goals for publishing this guide in 12 parts is the hope that you will apply the basic concepts laid out in each month’s issue. One by one you can integrate these tools into your regular plan of action and see how they are (or aren’t) applicable to your business.

You’ll notice that none of these topics contain the words “social media,” “videos,” “articles” and “email marketing.” That is because they will be integral parts of each one of the topics.

I’m wishing all a very good year of marketing!


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2017 Online Marketing Guide in 12 Issues

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