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Some professionals and business owners are told they should maintain blogs to promote their businesses. Many went ahead and started blogs and posted a few articles to them… and then let the blog die. According to one estimate, 95% of the hundreds of millions of blogs in existence have been abandoned. Life gets busy, work gets demanding and posting articles to the blog becomes too challenging.

I want to give you a formula to make it easier for you to keep your blog fresh. By using a formula each time you write, it is much faster to get an idea, turn it into an article and post it.

What formula can you use?

Don’t think of your blog posts as long essays articles, think of them as “blog bites,” bite-sized articles with advice or information. Easy to write, easy to read.

For example, just answer one question. Or address one point of your product or service. Keep it simple and short and it can be done in a flash.

Who Could Blog… About What?

Repair cars or offer financial advice? Answer the most common questions from clients. Hair stylist? Review a new styling product. Dog walker? Give owners a single dog training tip. Minister? Tell about an inspirational experience.

If you can jot down these thoughts once a week, you’ll keep your blog fresh. Google and other search engines will reward you by moving your blog up in the search results. Can you possibly do it twice a week? You might even place higher.

What should you do if the words still won’t come? Imagine yourself getting a phone call from a sibling or good friend. He asks you what’s new in business and you start sharing experiences with him. Would that friendly conversation make a good article for your blog? Pretend it’s actually happening but then make those fingers dance on the keyboard and dash off that bite-sized blog post.

If you’ve gotten any ideas from this article, then you now have an example of how a short article can relay one simple point to interest a reader in your product or service. Now it’s your turn to write!


Note: Short articles are not necessary the best for ranking purposes though some of them will rank. Here, I’m mainly getting you to WRITE and PUBLISH. Then send those article to your mailing list on a regular basis and keep in touch with your customers. It’s not only about ranking, it’s about getting your audience engaged! And short articles can totally do that. Call me if you have any questions.

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