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Getting to know what works in your marketing efforts has never been so scientific.With today’s advanced testing technology, we can pinpoint, correct and improve different aspects the site, such as ad copy, sales lines, images, videos, colors, layout, etc. All with the intention of increasing the conversion rate. And that’s what we are doing with A/B Testing.

Conducting A/B testing on a constant basis reveals what is going on with your marketing.

What’s really fun with testing is that you get to know what works.

Survey is the key to successful marketing. Testing = Survey. Doing testing brings about a greater understanding of what worked and didn’t work for your company’s website. As part of its marketing budget, a company should always consider consistently doing testing and analyzing.

A/B testing of landing pages is part of the Pro and Corporate Packages.



Content Experiments

Control of Attention

One Change at a Time — The Best Website Testing Method

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