This is going to be a short blog post but just wanted to mention something about holding our position and authority in any given industry.

Looking at the Giants from below can be quite intimidating. They deal in billions, some in millions (millions only, right?). So you may start asking yourself, is there a place for me in there?

For me the answer is as solid as rock: yes, of course.

Forge a Brand

First you need to know exactly who you are catering too (industry, sub-industry, niche, demographics, etc) and BE that brand. Be really strong at BEING it (sounds redundant). This will be perceived by your existing customers and the new ones coming in.

Continue to be there

I believe the main difference between the ones that make it and those that don’t is they continue to be there. Gosh that sounds too ridiculous and simple. And if they play the game right, those who continue to play the game in any given industry will start getting more attention.

If you’re in an industry for the just a quick season, then you have a different business plan. If you plan on building your company to sell it in five years, you still need to think as if the company is there to stay even after the sale.

Know Marketing

Did you know one of the most (if not the most) powerful marketing tool is word-of-mouth?

Yes, know your Googles, your Facebooks, your Social Medias but mainly know marketing. Know people.

Two basic marketing tools I stress:

  • Finding out what people need and want
  • Find your competitive advantage
  • Then creating marketing pieces/properties (ads, articles, videos, banners, flyers, etc.) that will attract the right public

And though not marketing per say, a company needs to being able to deliver what it’s promising as this will be a source of future word-of-mouth. It’s really hard to stay in business if you don’t deliver a good service/product.


Not everyone will turn to the Giants for products and services. And, the Giants are not going to be able to market to everyone.

Don’t let yourself be intimidated by the Giants. Come up with that better campaign they just can’t do. And that can be as simple as applying as this:

Focus on building a solid brand/company, a great product/service, make friends and have fun! People are people after all. They are not machines. They do feel, touch and see. And if they like what they see and resonated with it, they will come to you.