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Creating the right content is vital. Vital! When helping my clients, one of my top functions and area of expertise is discovering what content is best to create first and in what sequence. What content will give us the biggest bang for the buck, first. And what content will get us found faster.

In order to do this work, I study the industry specific to the clients’ branch of activity and study what is happening. I’be been studying search engines since 2003 and got to know how to study markets. Once we know what the competitive scene is like, we start formulating the correct content with you.

Content cookie cutting is not part of the program! Please. Those offering cheap, low quality content solutions will usually get very little results in the search engines. And today, search engines are smarter than ever.

Types of Content

Depending on the budget of the client, I will propose a strategic content creation plan that is aimed at getting the most result possible.

Content is not just text on the website. It’s text on many websites. It’s videos on many websites. It’s images, PDFs, slideshows, podcasts, etc. Today, content is much more than just text on a page.

I sit down with you (if not in the same city, we Skype or call) and we go over the

When signing up with any of the packages, I do full analyses of your market (keywords, competitors, demographics, etc) and using a number of precise factors will come up with the best content creation plan that will be within budget.

Who Writes the Content

Content is not free, unless you can create it yourself. If you’re prolific, great. But otherwise you have to look at what is the best investment of your time.

I worked with highly trained and experience writers. Some of them I’ve been working with for nearly a decade. Quality has been my primary focus ever since I’ve been doing online marketing. And those writers that could deliver the needed standard, I kept.

Once you decide to write content, I get with the writers and we come up with a strategy. In many cases, the writer will call you and interview you to get more specific information. Zooming in on exactly what is needed and wanted.

My team of writers can write scripts for videos, infographics for social media


Quality Content Services

Top writers. Researched. Completely original.

Patrick Debel
Internet Marketing

- 15 years of marketing experience

- Helped many companies get found online and increase their sales

- Unique and personal service: I work with you 1-on-1

- I have a direct contact line for my customers. You can call me or email anytime.

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