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300-Word Articles Minimum

Content writing of 300 word articles

Though there are no real minimum number of words for an article. In general or as a rule of thumb, I would follow the following rules:

  • 300 words minimum.
  • They don’t have to be 500 words though if time and inspiration is available, then 500-word articles is better. 1000 would be great. It really depends what you want to communicate to your audience. The goal is not words on a page but rather a satisfied audience who got the content they were looking for.
  • They shouldn’t be intentionally stuffed with keywords. Just talk the talk. Write for humans not for the search machines.
  • As another rule of thumb, composing very informational articles can only help your online marketing efforts.
  • It needs to be completely original content. Not copied from other sites.

So if you prefer writing the content yourself and time is of the extreme essence, 300-word articles will totally do. I’d prefer that as opposed to having no articles published on the site simply because we didn’t have time.

The idea is to communicate and exchange ideas with your audience. Not with robots (search engines). An article is a little like a flyer or handout that is passed to someone at the corner of the street. It’s also saying “hello I’m here and I know something that could help you!”. Right?

Having a nice website is one thing. Having a nice and useful website is another. And, having a nice, useful website that gets found is another thing for sure!

Write for your people. Write exactly what you want to communicate. Search engines have 200 factors they use to rank our articles. Do you want to spent the rest of your life writing for the machines or for your living audience?

Happy marketing.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Note: This article you are reading now is a grand total of 312 words.

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