The topic of REVIEWS on Amazon is so crucial and needs to be done on a continual basis.

It’s the make-break for getting that sale.

Tips on what not to do:

  • Don’t push anyone to rate 4 or 5 stars
  • NEVER BUY reviews. Amazon can ban you from selling if they discover that you have purchased reviews.
  • Don’t create fake accounts to then create reviews. Amazon is getting brighter and brighter on detecting and getting rid any review created that way.

Then how do I get reviews for my Amazon products?

  • There are many legit ways to get reviews and one of my favorite is using this website: It’ll cost you $99 for one month and we only need one month. On Tomoson, you can find a tone of influencers and quality bloggers. Get things started we use services such as Tomoson. (Note: I’m not affiliated with Tomoson but use their service and really was please. Also, they improved their dashboard lately making it easier to navigate through the backend settings.) The way it works is we send them the product for free or largely discounted and in return they try the product and give you a honest and unbiased review. And they have to stipulate “honest and unbiased opinion” or similar such phrase in the review itself otherwise Amazon doesn’t like it.
  • Work on a constant/continuous basis on getting reviews. Don’t make a 2-week project and say “Ok, I’m done with reviews… off to something else!” Nope. Reviews is practically your bread and butter.
  • So in line with the previous point, set up mail sequences or autoresponding system for each of your products and get the new customers who purchases them to start giving their opinion on the product. Autoresponding softwares help you automize the review process. Scenario: a client buys his product on Amazon, gets an email from you thanking him and that the product is on its way, then get a second email a few days after receiving the product to remind that they can leave a honest review, and you can even send a third email nudging them if they didn’t.) There are several software packages that offer that type of service, to name a few: Feedback Genius and Salesbacker (which I really like).

Let me know if you have any questions.