If you know your subject thoroughly and you have plenty of experience with your audience, you should be able to write a fast 300 word article that stimulates your audience’s interest and delivers a useful and impactful message for your business or cause.

It’s simpler than you think. It has everything to do with having a strong viewpoint or opinion. The best time to write is when you feel that opinion welling up in you. If you can take time to dash it off right then, it will be a strong message.

  • Just imagine yourself explaining this viewpoint or opinion to a person sitting next to you.
  • Start out by introducing them to the topic you’re going to talk about.
  • Then follow that with the information the person needs to understand your viewpoint.
  • Teach, explain, educate and provide only the most essential facts and background.
  • It’s important to speak directly to the level of understanding and education of your reader and then guide them to the understanding you want them to have.
  • Have the viewpoint of providing a valuable understanding or service.

If you dive right in, you can probably rip this off in a half hour or so. Then set it aside and let it breathe like a fine wine. Go back to it later with a firm resolve to only edit essential points and then launch it into the world to do its work.(1)

Your article might not be perfect from an English professor’s point of view. One of the good things about blog articles or social media content is that it’s not expected to be perfect. Books and evergreen content on your website should be polished. Fast, timely content can be written more loosely.

The above article is exactly 300 words long. It took 28 minutes to write.(2)

(1) This step may not even be needed. If you’re confident that the article is ready to be published right away, by all means do so. Just make sure there are no typos.
(2) Fast typing skills not a requirement. Even the slow two-finger technique would get your article typed in a relatively short amount of time. You may even want to write it down on paper first if that makes it easier for you.

Writing on paper first as an option, if need be.

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