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All marketing packages include:

  • Custom Website Design!
  • Paid ads management and search engine optimization.
  • Social media, email marketing and A/B testing
  • Competitive and market analyses
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Monthly report with recommendations.
  • You can call/text/email me anytime you have an idea or a question.
  • Each package is customizable. See package details below.
COMPLETE marketing packages!

Main differences between the packages are:

  • Content: Pro and Corporate include content writing. Each month, I include one article in Pro and two articles in Corporate.
  • Paid Ads: If your monthly spendings on paid ads are higher than $1000/mo, you will need to get either the Pro or the Corporate package.
  • Much more social media, more branding, and more testing for Pro and Corporate.
Feel free to call me if you’re not sure what is the best package for you. Patrick Debel Online marketing since 2003  

Measuring Progress with Statistics

measuring online growthBecause I measure our progress based on statistics I like to stay in close coordination with you. This is vital in order to gain better control over our marketing efforts.


Custom Design: Included in all marketing packages is a custom WordPress website template design. This is valid for the duration of your journey with Sprout Suite. Hosting: Completely and utterly included with any marketing package. SSL, email and all. If you feel like it, you can read all the hosting package details. Website Transfer: Included in any package is the transfer of your website from one hosting company to another (if this is needed).

Other Services

  • Videos: If video creation is needed, it is paid separately. Each video is quoted separately. If needed, I can even fly to your place to shoot the footage. A video can be anywhere between $200 to $3,000. So it really depends what we are going to be producing.
  • Articles: I have top quality writers partnering with me. The price of one article will vary depending on the type of content. Just to give you an idea, a 500-word article will be between $80-120. But unless you’re in a very technical field, expect the article to be around $80. This includes blogs, in-depth articles, press releases and anything in between.
  • Creation of brochures, surveys, funnels, landing pages. Ask if I didn’t write it here.
Call me if there’s something else you have in mind! contact me
Patrick Debel

Patrick Debel

Internet Geek


Standard Package

For any business wanting more online presence and conversion.

Pro Package

Serious monthly marketing. We’ll be working together, setting some goals and working hard at achieving them.


The Think Big package. Recommended for businesses that can maintain this package for at least one year. We have a lot of work to do and it’s fast pace!


Are articles included in the package?
1 article is included each month in the Pro package. 2 articles are included each month in the Corporate package. For the Basic package we need to order the articles separately.
I already host my website somewhere else and don't want to move it, is that fine?
Absolutely. I can work with any hosting company that you already have. I may need access to your existing hosting package. Know that if you host your website with me and you have the Pro or Corporate package, your hosting costs are zero. Now, if you continue to host your site somewhere else, you will need to continue paying them for it.
How about the confidentiality of my information?
In this field, we work with sensitive information: passwords, budgets, revenues and other internal matters. All the information I will obtain about your company will never be giving out.