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Search Engine Optimization Services

Over 13 years of online marketing and consulting got me to believe that Search Engine Optimization simply just pays off in the long run!

I sit down with my clients and assess what would be the optimum course we should take. Each client is in a different situation when it comes to search engines. Whether local, national or international, that situation can be improved. In-depth competitive analyses are done on a regular basis to assess the exact estimation of effort needed in order to achieve certain goals.

If we don’t do our work online, there’s a big chance the competitors are. So we simply have to put our shoulders to the wheel and work wisely.

I lay out a precise strategy customized to your needs.

Developing That Traffic

Some of you will know there’s usually a lot of work involved trying to reap a constant stream of free traffic:

  • On-site SEO (work done directly on the website)
  • Off-site SEO (work done on other websites including social media websites, directories, etc)
  • Keeping up to date with search engine updates
  • And knowing the ins and outs of what constitute proper SEO that will stand those updates

And truly, it usually is a lot of constant work.

Abuse in the SEO industry (charging much and not delivering good service) has given SEO a bad rap. The fact is that today SEO is still very well alive and when done properly will help get found online.

Today (2016), I would go as far as saying that it is a vital part of marketing any business.

So, investing time and money in developing search engine traffic should always be at the top of your marketing strategy.

Time versus SEO

People often ask how long it will take to see rankings improve in search engines. And again, it’s a case by case assessment of each situation.

If Google/Yahoo/Bing organic traffic does not feed enough sales leads and there’s an immediate, urgent need for leads, I will meet with you and see what we should concentrate on first. It is possible to see quick search engine improvement.

What is Organic Traffic?

Organic basically means natural and not paid. You can be on p.1 Google by paying for ads. Paid ads are usually at the top and in the right column. You can also be on p.1 Google in the non-paid, natural ranks which are located below the ads and fill up the center column.

SEO = free search engine traffic. Are you maximizing the reach your website could have? There are so many factors to SEO, books are written on the subject. Optimizing a site means knowing the trade of SEO and making the appropriate changes to a website in order to help it rank better. In a very competitive market, it will simply mean that we need to work harder. Over 10 years of SEO has shown me too many times that doing proper and continuous search engine optimization pays off in the long run.

Search engines have evolved tremendously in the last 10 years and techniques that used to work really well then may actually hurt you today. So how to keep up, right?

There’s a lot of science and work involved in SEO and I can certainly help you with this.



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