(I’ll keep this real short.)

After years of announcements, in July 2018 Google Chrome will officially start showing “Not Secure” on all pages that are not https. They will show the “Not Secure” alert in at the top in the search bar.


consider going from http to https


Google has been preparing us to this for a while and now I think it’s time to switch if you haven’t done so already.

What does this mean to website owners?

1. For a non-ecommerce site (ecommerce = selling things on your site with a credit card or Paypal), when people will land on the site and then see the “Not Secure” alert, they may be scared off. So that applies to any good old site such as the local plumber or even a strictly informational site selling absolutely nothing. Said differently, Chrome will be showing “Not Secure” on any website page (simple or complex, shopping cart or not) that is not https.

2. If you are an ecommerce site, make sure all of your pages are secured (not just the checkout section).

Google really wants us to make the switch. So at this point, I’m recommending that all sites are upgraded to https.

Write or call me and I’ll upgrade the site for you.


consider upgrading to https