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Is SEO Really Dead?

Is SEO Really Dead?

Hi guys,

I just wanted to take two minutes to share something. I really had to stop what I was doing and said I need to share this now.

Looking at my clients accounts I keep on being impressed by the percentage of sales coming from organic traffic. One of my client it’s as low as 11% but I have others that are 20% and even 47% organic sales!


Please use all the online marketing channels available to make sales, including:

  • Facebook/Google/Bing ads
  • Email marketing (newsletter, etc)
  • Social media

But please, don’t slow down on your SEO work. In over 95% of the cases IT PAYS OFF. That’s what I’ve seen account after account, year after year.

Google still exists. Bing and Yahoo as well, for that matter. They may not be there in 5-10 years but right now there are a major source of traffic for many sites.

SEO is a game, quite simple game actually but it just requires you to play it. And to play it harder than your competitors.

Take a minute to write down what SEO you have created in the last year or the last month. Then write down what SEO you should create before the end of the year in order to increase your SEO statistics. Then set your SEO goals for the year.

Don’t change everything you are currently doing to then only do SEO, that’s really not my point. Just don’t let go of your SEO efforts but instead, make that as constant as you possibly can. And that till the end of the year.

Happy Marketing!


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